InSolidarity Exposure Visits

Who is it for?

Want to take a dip below the surface? See behind the scenes?
See what God’s mission looks like in far away places?
See projects that change lives and fight poverty and injustice?
See how Christians live their faith in a totally different culture?

Have you been supporting our partner churches through UnitingWorld and want to take it to the next step? Would you like to combine your love of travel with a unique personal experience?

Then an InSolidarity short term exposure visit might be just the thing for you!

What is it?

InSolidarity visits are a 7-12 day opportunity to encounter one of our partner church communities. You will meet and worship with the local church, enjoy local food and culture, and spend time exploring their mission and outreach projects (some of which are supported by UnitingWorld).  You will also get a chance to do some sight-seeing and have some relaxation time.

It’s a chance to meet and make friends with brothers and sisters in Christ from a very different world; a chance to listen and learn, a chance to be inspired and transformed, a chance to see for yourself what God is doing in the world through God’s people.

Why do it?

Because first-hand experience and personal relationships matter to all of us. Because meeting our partner churches face to face, seeing their work and making a personal connection will be a powerful and inspiring experience for you, in the same way it is for us. We hope that your visit will strengthen your commitment to walk in solidarity with God’s children across the world.

How does it work?

Our trips are tailor-made for each interested group.  This is the process:

  1. Find a destination from our list that interests you
  2. Gather a group of friends, family, church members to travel with you
  3. Contact us with an expression of interest
  4. We will work with your from there
  5. If you can’t get 6 people, contact us anyway, and we’ll put you on the waitlist and try and get you adopted into another group.

Contact: Megan Calcaterra 02 8267 4267 or

What do we offer?

  1. Negotiate trip dates  that suit you and our partner church
  2. Organise all trip details for you, including air and land travel, final visit itinerary, accommodation, insurance, and give you a personalised quote.
  3. Help you grow your group to a larger size if you’d like
  4. Help you fundraise for your trip
  5. Brief you on all you need to know for your trip
  6. Provide a guide who travels with you for your whole trip
  7. On your return, support you to share your experience with people in Australia

Your Commitment?

These trips rely on the welcome and hospitality of our church partners. Your visit will be one more element in the rich mosaic of the special relationships between the Uniting Church in Australia and churches in our neighbouring countries. Everything we do on this trip needs to be carefully based around mutual respect and an understanding of history and culture. We visit as equals, seeking to learn from our partner church’s story, willing to be changed and challenged.

  • We ask that you approach this visit with an open mind and open heart, mindful of differences in culture and power
  • We ask that as part of going on an InSolidarity Exposure Visit, you make a contribution to our partner’s   ministry by fundraising for UnitingWorld program work supported there
  • We ask that, on your return, you will share your experience with your church and your own networks, continuing to advocate for our partners and their work through UnitingWorld

Click on the trips below to find out more about specific destinations

Keep an eye out for new trips to be added throughout the year. And if you don’t see your desired destination on the list, send us an inquiry anyway and we can discuss getting one started.

Contact: Megan Calcaterra 02 8267 4267 or


Please click here to download our InSolidarity 2016 Brochure