Africa Famine Appeal

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Please give to the Africa Famine Appeal

Help our partners to respond to the needs of extremely vulnerable people

Children and their families are dying every day

Without urgent aid, over 1 million people are likely to die of starvation.

Famine has been declared in South Sudan. It’s the first time in six years that famine has been declared anywhere in the world.

Nearly 5 million people – more than 40 percent of South Sudan’s population – are in need of urgent food.

In the worst hit parts of the country, one in three children is acutely malnourished.

In a country already devastated by war and a collapsed economy, severe drought is the final straw –

families have exhausted every means they have to survive.

We need to act now – it is the beginning of the lean season. Without much-needed aid, the number of people going hungry is expected to rise to 5.5 million by July.

Working with local, ACT Alliance church partners and directly through the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan, UnitingWorld will support the delivery of vital food supplies, nutrition supplements and water purification tablets to children and families desperately in need.


Once again, the churches in South Sudan are rallying to respond to the needs of her people.

The scale of this tragedy is horrific. It is made worse because access into the country by foreign aid workers is nearly impossible. That is why UnitingWorld’s partnership with grass roots organisations such as local churches is crucial to making a difference.

“Our country, the Republic of South Sudan is gripped by a humanitarian crisis, and famine has now been officially declared.

In a country, which is already suffering due to insecurity and the collapsed economy, hundreds of thousands of people face starvation if they do not receive food quickly.

Our people are struggling simply to survive.”   – Rt Rev Peter Gai, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan

Famine follows war. In the fragile and vulnerable conflict-affected South Sudan, our partners are striving for peace and reconciliation, healing the wounds of war to rebuild a nation. They are now struggling to keep their people alive.

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Gifts of $2 or more to Relief and Development emergency appeals are tax deductible. Read our Privacy Policy.

Our partner in South Sudan, the Presbyterian Relief and Development Agency (PRDA) has already been providing food and shelter for those displaced by war, while working to build sustainable peace in their nation. Watch this video to hear their story and vision for South Sudan (filmed late 2016).

Lent Event 2017 | Week 2: South Sudan from UnitingWorld In Action on Vimeo.


Gifts of $2 or more to Relief and Development emergency appeals are tax deductible. In the event that funds raised exceed the amount required to meet the needs of the Africa famine response, UnitingWorld will use the excess funds to help people involved in similar Relief and Development projects. Read our Privacy Policy