UnitingWorld Partners (pledge giving program)


PNG_water$40 a month:

supports projects like life-giving water access in Papua New Guinea (tax deductible)





$40 a month:

can help women and girls who are victims of war crimes in South Sudan receive trauma counselling and practical support







$50 a month:  

can help share the news of Christ in China, India, Zimbabwe and the Pacific through training for ministers





South Sudan 2013 Nurses


$50 a month:

contributes to saving the lives of mothers and babies in South Sudan through midwife training (tax deductible)






If you’re interested in regular giving to other projects, check out our recent appeals on our home page here or the work of our Relief and Development and Church Connections Units.

Your regular gift means our overseas partners can plan their projects long term with security and confidence.  They have the dignity of knowing they can rely on funding without constantly asking for more support.  We can also keep our fundraising costs to a minimum.

We’ll keep you updated as to how your giving is changing lives.

Thank you so much for choosing to give a regular gift.