Church Connections


UnitingWorld is an expression of the Uniting Church in Australia’s commitment to international partnership. Church Connections is a significant part of this commitment, enabling Australians to collaborate with our partner churches in their life and witness so together they take part in God’s transforming work in the world.

Church Connections is about faithful Christians working together across countries to strengthen each other in sharing the gospel and being a blessing to their neighbours.

We work in three broad program themes:

Equipping Christian Leadership – developing and resourcing ministers and lay leaders for ministry, with a particular emphasis on supporting women to become influential leaders in their communities.

Ministry in the Margins – supporting churches as they minister to, care and advocate for the most vulnerable in their communities.

Please click here to view the projects in each program theme.

Each program theme consists of several projects. When you give to a Church Connections project, you’ll be supporting your chosen project, and excess funds will be used to support other projects within the same program theme.