Leaders for the Future: China Partnership


You are part of the fastest growing church on earth.

While church attendance is declining here in Australia, worldwide and especially among our neighbours in Asia and the Pacific, the Christian church is growing so fast its leadership can scarcely keep up.

Did you know?

Closed for 12 years during the Cultural Revolution and its people persecuted for their faith, the Church in China is now growing at a staggering rate.  Three church communities have been re-opened or newly built every day for the past thirty years.

At least 400,000 people came to faith in China last year alone.

Twenty years ago people smuggled bibles to China.  Today, China is the largest exporter of Bibles to the world and will become an influential voice of global Christianity for the future.


There is just one ordained minister for every 18,000 Christians in China.

Within the Uniting Church in Australia that ratio is one minister to every 39 parishioners.

“The harvest is large but the workers are few,” says Reverend Kan, General Secretary of the China Christian Council.

“Our most critical need is for more trained leaders.”  


As members of the global church, united with Christian brothers and sisters through partnership, this matters to us.   We celebrate an extraordinary revival among God’s people – Christian brothers and sisters who have the potential to transform their society and who are in urgent need of nurture, right now.

We’re also acutely aware that the main centre of Christianity is moving from the west to the fast growing, dynamic churches of the Global South.  These churches will help shape the future of Christianity as we know it.

The Church in China aims to theologically equip its leaders so that:

  • the whole gospel is taught
  • the poor and vulnerable are cared for
  • tolerance and inclusion are practised.

The Uniting Church in Australia shares these priorities.

In 2013, in response to a request from the China Christian Council (the Protestant Church in China) the Uniting Church in Australia commenced an historic partnership with the church in China. Through UnitingWorld, our aim is to help equip the growing, dynamic church in China as they train the next generation of leaders and support the ministry of the Chinese Church.  We have many resources to share with our Chinese brothers and sisters and much to learn from this spiritually vibrant and deeply engaged community of God’s people.

You can give a gift to this partnership that will:

  • Support pastors in a remote or developing area of China
  • Provide scholarships and resources to train new candidates for ordination
  • Facilitate Australian and Chinese students, lecturers and congregations as they share knowledge and learn from one another

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Being part of the fastest growing church on earth.