About Our Preferred Social Networks


You can now keep in touch with us through these social networks for up-to-the-minute news and developments as we work to connect communties for life.


twittericon Follow our Twitter feed to see what’s on our mind throughout the day. You’ll see what’s interesting us in the news, what we’re working on with our global partner churches, and the latest opportunities to get involved with our work. Visit our page at www.twitter.com/UnitingWorld
facebook-icon “Like” our Facebook Page to stay up to date with our work and links to issues that affect our work. Explore our Facebook Page for videos about our work, and the latest ways that you can get involved. Visit our page at www.facebook.com/UnitingWorld
vimeo_icon Our Vimeo page is the place to view our videos about our work, church partnerships, and projects of our Relief and Development Unit. Visit our profile at vimeo.com/UnitingWorld. If you wish to use these videos to engage your community or group, please contact us for a DVD.
RSS Our RSS (short for Really Simple Synication) feed broadcasts news and articles published on the UnitingWorld homepage, as soon as they are posted. The feed can be delivered directly to your internet browser or your email account.



We also produce a free monthly E-News with up to date news from our Relief and Development, Peacebuilding, Church Solidarity and Experience Volunteer program areas. Sign up to E-News on our home page. To view the latest edition of E-News, click here.