Complaints Procedure

Complaints and Critical Incidents

UnitingWorld welcomes feedback and will respond constructively to complaints/incident reports from the people it works with, including supporters, donors, the general public, official bodies, and its partners.

  1. A Complaint is “an external objection, or report of misconduct made against UnitingWorld or its employees, consultants, suppliers, partners or anyone else acting on its behalf, for allegedly failing to meet a commitment. That commitment could be related to UnitingWorld’s activities, use of resources, mission and values, staff conduct/behaviour or a legal requirement.”
  2. A Critical Incident includes “any breaches of the Protection Policies, Code of Conduct including Child Protection as well as personnel risks (e.g. death, medical incident, assault etc.) of our staff, volunteers, Partner staff on UnitingWorld-related business. Critical Incidents may have legal, insurance or serious risk implications for UnitingWorld.”
  3. Complaints can be made against UnitingWorld, any representative of UnitingWorld or any representative of UnitingWorld’s overseas partners. Representatives of UnitingWorld are defined as being any person undertaking tasks on behalf of UnitingWorld or any person funded by UnitingWorld.
  4. UnitingWorld welcomes all complaints, incident reports and constructive feedback. A complaint/incident report should be lodged as soon as possible after the complainant becomes aware of the concern. Complaints/incident reports may be addressed to UnitingWorld by any means.

    UnitingWorld’s contact details are:
    Phone: +61 (0)2 8267 4456
    Contact: Manager, Learning Effectiveness and Compliance
    Physical address: Level 10, 222 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW Australia 2000
    Postal address: PO Box A2266, Sydney South, NSW Australia 1235

  5. Complaints or reports of incidents shall preferably:
    be in writing;
    include the name and contact details of the person reporting the complaint/incident;
    specify the nature of the complaint/incident; and
    include all available evidence.
  6. Not all stakeholders will have the ability to follow this procedure in such a comprehensive manner.  In whatever form the complaint is received, the complainant may be asked to provide further information.

Read our Complaints and Critical Incidents Policy in full:
UnitingWorld’s Complaints/Incident Handling Policy and Procedures