The Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu


The Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu, inaugurated in 1948, is the largest denomination with over 60,000 members and encompassing around 30% of the population. There are 400 scattered congregations within 6 presbyteries. The current Moderator is Pastor Obed Moses.

Activities of the church include training for mission both inside and outside Vanuatu, pastoral care in hospitals, prisons, barracks and in institutes of higher education. The church operates three secondary schools and three rural vocational training centres. The Church  is very active in operating various social development projects. The PCV is currently engaged in extending the Presbyterian Church Assembly buildings, which will also include a new eye care clinic.

Ministers are trained at Talua Ministry Training Centre on South Santo.  The Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu values the long ecumenical partnership with the World Council of Churches and other ecumenical bodies and partners.

UnitingWorld’s Relief and Development unit is engaged in a long term Eye Care Project with the PCV. 


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