Governance and Structure

The Relief and Development Unit of UnitingWorld  is committed to ethical practice, transparency, sustainability and accountability.

The Relief and Development Unit has a mandate from the National Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia to hear and respond to the expressed needs of communities in Asia, the Pacific and Africa through aid and development programs that alleviate poverty.

Find out more about our mandate and governance instruments here.

The Relief and Development Unit is governed by the National Committee, an independent board which onduct reflection and monitoring for strategic plans, best practice, reviews of policies and assessment of other accountabilities. The National Committee plays an important role in the life of the Unit,

– Working with staff to improve governance, policies, procedures and structures;

– Measuring the performance of the Unit against out key strategic goals and objectives;

– Overseeing risk management;

– Providing strategic advice for our International programs and specific guidance for program activities and projects;

– Speaking on behalf of the Unit and seeking new opportunities for support.

Read more about the National Committee here.