Papua New Guinea Church Partnership Program

Knox visit 004The people of PNG face a number of social and structural issues such as violence, ill health and a lack of infrastructure and training. Many people are have limited access to basic services, such as health, education and transport.

In the Southern Highlands tribal violence continues to cause death and destruction of property as unresolved conflicts escalate. This tribal fighting has forced many trained teachers to leave their positions in United Church schools in the region and a number of the schools have been burnt down.

Access to health care in PNG is very limited and HIV/AIDS is a major issue. The World Health Organization has categorised the situation in PNG as epidemic.

As part of an Australian government AusAID funded program, seven PNG churches and their seven Australian Church partners are working together to strengthen the capacity of PNG churches to provide basic services to their communities.  Under this program UnitingWorld partners with the United Church in Papua New Guinea to implement peace building activities, microfinance initiatives, teacher training programs, HIV/AIDS awareness, mobile health clinics and communication on social issues.

With support and planning from UnitingWorld our partner church, United Church in Papua New Guinea (UCPNG) is responsible for implementing these activities.


In 2012, the CPP was expanded to incorporate the two previous Young Ambassadors for Peace programs in the Southern Highland and Bouganville.

Workshops involving a diverse range of community members have helped create ‘Regional Development Plans.’ These identify areas most in need of assistance in the communities, and strategies detailing how the issues can be addressed. Participants work together with Church stakeholders, their National MPs and their Provincial Governments to create relevant and sustainable plans.

Support has also been provided for Regional offices in the form of:

  • Regional workshops and capacity training for the Western Region. 15 of the 35 participants were women, which is a big improvement from previous workshops.
  • Regional Education Secretary’s and headmasters Conference/workshop.
  • Regional Health Secretary and HIV & AIDS Coordinators workshop/Conference.

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