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On 26 February, a powerful earthquake struck the southern highlands region of Papua New Guinea. Dozens have been killed and hundreds injured as homes and properties collapsed. Landslides and sinkholes are still threatening lives. Our church partners in the area and their disaster recovery team are responding.

Please donate now to support critical response in Papua New Guinea.

Call 02 8267 4267 OR make a secure online donation below.

OR you can do a bank transfer using the details below:

Bank: Westpac – King St, Sydney
Account Name: Uniting Church Overseas Aid Account
Account Number: 182 657
BSB Number: 032 014

On 12 February, Tonga was hit by the strongest storm it’s seen in 60 years, with at least 70% of the population affected. Your donation will help UnitingWorld to assist communities to recover and train leaders to prepare for and prevent future events.

Widespread violence against Rohingya people in Myanmar has caused a refugee crisis in Bangladesh.

Just $25 can provide clean water for a family for a week. Donate Now to support urgent relief efforts.

Non tax-deductible donations can be used for ALL UnitingWorld projects; community development projects AND church/Christian projects.

If tax deductibility is not material to you, the ability to direct funds where most needed is greatly appreciated.

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UnitingWorld is registered to receive tax-deductible donations for our community development projects.

Tax-deductible donations will NOT be used for religious/Christian projects (eg training ministers).

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