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You can help create up to six times the impact ending poverty!

In some of the world’s poorest places, Christian communities are having a real and positive impact. Travelling to remote areas to kickstart small businesses among impoverished women, they’re training families in the care and breeding of goats and providing health care for whole communities.

In recognition of the success of UnitingWorld’s poverty alleviation and peacebuilding projects, each year the Australian Government offers vital funding toward this work.

To receive Australian Aid funding, we are required to contribute $1 for every $5 we receive from the Australian Government.

So right now, your gift can go up to six times further toward the work of our local partners in Indonesia, India,West Timor and Zimbabwe.

We’re better together.

Make your tax-time donation go further by giving before June 30.

UnitingWorld is a valued partner of the Australian Government.  We have committed to contribute $1 for every $5 we receive from a designated Australian Aid grant – thus ‘up to six times the impact’. Every donation you make will be combined with Australian Aid funding to reach more people. All donations over $2.00 are tax-deductible. Please give generously.

Help us grow a new future in West Papua.

Your support allows us to extend our community development programs with the local church:

  • Working with Papuan farming families in the highlands to introduce soy and kidney beans to their crops. This means better income generation, improved food security and healthier diets.
  • Supporting a specialist doctor and a HIV and TB clinic providing treatments and working to prevent the spread of infectious diseases through community education.
  • Investing in women; providing business training and equipping them with the tools they need to overcome poverty and inequality.

All donations over $2.00 are tax-deductible. Please give generously.

On 26 February, a powerful earthquake struck the southern highlands region of Papua New Guinea. Dozens have been killed and hundreds injured as homes and properties collapsed. Landslides and sinkholes are still threatening lives. Our church partners in the area and their disaster recovery team are responding.

Please donate now to support critical response in Papua New Guinea.

Call 02 8267 4267 OR make a secure online donation below.

OR you can do a bank transfer using the details below:

Bank: Westpac – King St, Sydney
Account Name: Uniting Church Overseas Aid Account
Account Number: 182 657
BSB Number: 032 014

Non tax-deductible donations can be used for ALL UnitingWorld projects; community development projects AND church/Christian projects.

If tax deductibility is not material to you, the ability to direct funds where most needed is greatly appreciated.

If you would like tax-deductibility, please donate using the adjacent tab.

UnitingWorld is registered to receive tax-deductible donations for our community development projects.

Tax-deductible donations will NOT be used for religious/Christian projects (eg training ministers).

If you don’t require tax-deductibility, we encourage you to give ‘Where most needed’ using the adjacent tab.

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