CDP’s tick all the boxes


$310 will help train a Community Development Worker in Asia, Africa or the Pacific.

Thanks to our Matching Grant Fund, your gift can go up to six times further for Amala and her family so they can end poverty for good.

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Community Development Projects (CDPs) are about tackling the multiple causes of poverty rather than just single issues on their own. CDPs tick all the boxes.

They’re the best way to get a LOT done with even a little, and combined with a Government Grant, your donation has even more impact. Read about the way our Matching Grant makes your donation go up to six times further here

How do we use the money?

UnitingWorld Project Managers support our partner churches as they train women and men to:

  • consult communities about their needs
  • work with small groups to plan projects for water, sanitation, schooling, health, livelihoods and political advocacy
  • support women in self help groups so they have knowledge of available government pensions and can manage savings, livelihoods and loan schemes
  • go door to door speaking to families about vaccinations, women’s and girl’s rights
  • encourage communities to work with local government so their voices are heard on issues like mining, deforestation, environment and changing climate

Community Development Projects of varying types operate in North India, Bali, Timor Leste, the Philippines, Zimbabwe, Kiribati and the Solomon Islands

We combine your donation with a Government Grant to make every dollar you give go further. For every $5 available to us, we must first raise $1 in supporter donations.

This means your donation is worth up to 6x as much to us in the field.

Read about the Matching Grant here.

Amala’s story

DSC_3429 (1)We are Santali people. We grow wheat and rice – but if it doesn’t rain and the food runs out, we move somewhere else. We collect leaves from the forest and stitch them together to make mats and plates to sell at the market. It is not much.  Our Community Organiser taught us to talk to the local government until they gave us a water pump. We had no water before. Now we know how to grow better food and we eat better. I am saving for a cow because I joined the Women’s Self Help Group- if I save enough I can get a Government Loan. My children have been vaccinated and they love to go to the tutoring centre, especially my daughter – and they get extra food there too! My dream is they will get a good education and be the first in our family to have a really good life.”

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Laura McGilvray, Manager of UnitingWorld’s India Programs blogs about her trip to West Bengal, India to see the impacts of a Community Development Project we support there