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End of financial Year Appeal 2020

Act Now on COVID-19 | End of Financial Year Appeal 2020

Help prevent the spread of disease, stop hunger, protect people at increased risk of violence and support jobs for recovery.

The below resources can help you raise funds and inspire your church/community.

Visit website | Download Appeal video | Ambassador presentation video | Download church resources

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Lent Event 2021

Fundraise for us this Lent!

Lent Event is UnitingWorld’s annual fundraising event, bringing people together to build peace and beat poverty. Pledge to live simply for the 40 days of Lent (17 Feb – 29 Mar 2021) and help make a difference for people striving to be free from poverty and injustice.

Visit website | Donate | Action Ideas| Get Bible Study

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Water Walk for Papua New Guinea

Across 60% of Papua New Guinea, fresh water isn’t readily available. Work with your community to help us raise funds for our water project in Papua New Guinea.  Download here

South Sudan Feast

Bring people together to learn about and raise funds for the South Sudanese peacemakers. Download here

Bollywood Theme Night

Invite members of your group to dress in Indian Clothing, show a Bollywood movie or play Indian music.  Ask people to bring curries to eat or cook your own!  Invite a UnitingWorld speaker to address your group about your Indian project or download information about the project and invite others to come along to hear about it.  Find ways to communicate about the complexity and strengths of Indian culture as well as the needs associated with your project.  Ask for gold coin donations or for people to provide for the costs associated with some aspect of the project – for example, $20 provides a school uniform, $68 provides books and a school uniform for two students and $113 provides tuition fees, books and school uniforms for a student for a year.

Zimbabwean Village Feast

Get your friends together for some authentic Zimbabwean feast! This downloadable file includes place mats and recipes for you to host a Zimbabwean feast. Download here

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PNG Village Simulation Game

Want to experience what life would be like in a rural village in Papua New Guinea? Together you will respond to opportunities and challenges presented to the village and grapple with issues of poverty, development and our unique role as Christian global citizens. Download here