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We’re seeking passionate, talented people who want to see a world free from poverty and injustice.

When you join the team, you’ll enjoy a welcoming and supportive environment to develop your skills and apply them to make a difference.

  • Hybrid office and remote working models, with flexible working arrangements
  • NFP salary packaging options, plus meals and entertainment benefits
  • Gifted leave entitlement
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Work in a creative environment that encourages staff development and contribution

UnitingWorld is committed to maintaining a fair and equitable workplace based on team spirit, mutual respect and understanding.

We will treat all applicants equally regardless of social status, race, ethnicity, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, national origin, political affiliation or disability. We are always keen to attract people who reflect the diversity of the communities we partner with. We welcome applications from all ages and genders, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people with disabilities, LGBTQI+ and diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

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(Updated 30 Jan 2023)

Volunteering in the UnitingWorld office

We love volunteers assisting in our Sydney CBD office throughout the year. We couldn’t do without them.

If you can give a few hours a week, a day a month, or support a special project, we’d love to hear from you.

No experience is required for most tasks and we often need assistance with the following items:

  • Helping with our admin (filing, data entry, preparing mail, archiving, digitising records)
  • Helping our communications and fundraising work (preparing resources, correspondence, Christmas and Lent initiatives)
  • Helping to host an overseas guest (provide accommodation, act as a tour guide, meet for a meal, offer transport)

If you wish to volunteer, please contact us on 02 8267 4267 or info@unitingworld.org.au

Volunteering with UnitingWorld’s overseas partners

From time to time opportunities arise to go and volunteer with an overseas church partner.

These placements arise when our partners identify the need for a skilled volunteer to support a project that we are working on together. We work together with our partners to identify clear objectives and recruit skilled volunteers for these placements.

These placements focus on building the internal capacity of partner churches, transferring skills to local staff in a sustainable manner.

Because we do not wish to displace local jobs, these placements are rarely longer than six months. In some cases, multiple short-term placements with breaks in between are available.

To register your interest please email info@unitingworld.org.au outlining your qualifications and experience.

We will be in touch if an appropriate opportunity arises.

How to prepare for volunteering

Volunteering can be a wonderful experience, but can demand much self-reflection and research. Here’s a list of questions to get you started:

  • Will I be volunteering in a way that is requested and genuinely needed by the people I will be spending time with?
  • Will my volunteering make a meaningful, positive, long-lasting impact for the organisation/people with whom I am volunteering?
  • Do I have the necessary skills and training to be placed in this role? If I were placed in a similar role in Australia, would I still be adequately qualified?
  • Is the organisation/project/placement led by the local community?
  • Is it possible that the service I will be providing could hinder/undermine the employment of local workers?
  • How is my volunteer fee used by the organisation?
  • Can I speak with someone the organisation’s previous volunteers?
  • Will I be adequately supported throughout my volunteer placement? Does the organisation provide adequate pre-service training, in-situ support, emergency response, travel insurance, post-placement debriefing?
  • Are there children involved in this placement? If so, what could the impact (both direct and indirect) of my volunteering be? Are there thorough and up to date working with children checks and child-safe protocols in place?
  • Would the total cost of my volunteer placement be more effectively given as a direct donation?
  • What are the safety concerns of living and working in the area?

Volunteering with other organisations

We recommend that you read the Smart Volunteering Check List and Guidance developed by the Australian Government.

We also encourage you to explore other organisations who offer volunteering. The website ‘Learning Service’ has some great tips for Finding a Responsible Volunteer Placement here.

UnitingWorld is also happy to recommend the following volunteer programs:

About Face (UCA): https://aboutface.org.au/

Frontier Services (UCA): https://www.frontierservices.org/how-to-help/outback-links

Australian Volunteers: https://www.australianvolunteers.com/opportunities/

Australian Volunteers International: https://www.avi.org.au/opportunities/

Australian Business Volunteers (ABV): https://www.abv.org.au/