Becoming an Australian Church Partner


Becoming an Australian Church Partner means connecting with local church communities in Asia, Africa or the Pacific to partner in God’s mission.

This might involve:

  • Praying for a church and the project they’re supporting
  • Offering financial support
  • Hosting a visitor from your partner church
  • Sending people from your congregation to visit the project and church you’re supporting
  • Learning about the issues that affect the local church and country you’re supporting

UnitingWorld partnerships are about both giving and receiving. It’s our hope that your congregation will be challenged and changed as you participate in the life of partner churches across the globe and help them support life-giving projects in their local communities.

It’s been our experience that Australian church communities have different passions and capacities for overseas engagements. For this reason we’ve created two options for partnering with UnitingWorld and connecting to our overseas churches and projects: Level 1 – Connect and Level 2 – Collaborate.  Find out more by clicking the links.