Level 2 Collaborate Partnership


Through our Collaborate Partnership your congregation will have a more in-depth relationship with your chosen partner church, supporting their project with significant funding as together you effect genuine change in the life of their community.

Through our Collaborate Partnership, your church will:

Be equipped

  • Access theological resources that help your church understand God’s call to mission with the global church.
  • Participate in an online Partnership Workshop (or as circumstances allow, in person with UnitingWorld staff) exploring what it means to enter into Partnership. A certificate will be awarded to indicate your completion of Partnership Training.
  • Receive quarterly updates on your Projects, including Prayer Powerpoints for use in services.
  • Receive annual education resources relating to the development and Church Partnership issues that affect the people in your Project.
  • Access a toolkit of Fundraising ideas to help you fulfil your financial commitments, including resources for Everything in Common and community fundraising ideas/events specific to the Project you choose to support.

Provide support

  • Pledge to financially support one of our Partnership Projects for three years at the Collaborate level of $10,000 a year.
  • Make use of a range of UnitingWorld and UCA Advocacy Tools to speak out about issues affecting the global church and your chosen project.
  • Identify “UnitingWorld Ambassadors” within your congregation who are willing to promote the cause of your Project.  Ambassadors will have the opportunity to complete additional training and be in touch directly with UnitingWorld staff and partners.


  • Develop online contact with an overseas project officer from your chosen project, who’ll provide you with feedback on the way your support is transforming lives and share their faith journey with your community.
  • Have access to visiting guest speakers from your chosen project.
  • Host visits to and from your project with the co-operation of UnitingWorld.

Are you interested in exploring Church Partnership with us at the Collaborate Level?  We’d love to hear from you!  Complete the Expression of Interest Form, email marnief@unitingworld.org.au or call us on 02 8267 4267.

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