Partnership: what’s it all about?


Partnership is about more than simply writing a cheque and sending it to finance a project in an overseas community. Partnership is how we support local communities here and overseas as they participate in God’s transforming work in the world. This includes projects that help children get to school, training young women for ministry, making sure that families can earn an income and helping communities grow in faith and understanding, both here in Australia and throughout Asia, Africa and the Pacific.

Partnership is about acknowledging that we’re part of a global Church and that, in the words of Paul in Galatians 3, all divisions of race and gender and religion fall away. Our brothers and sisters in Asia, Africa and the Pacific speak time and again of what it means to them to know that we’re eager to develop a genuine relationship with them, sharing our lives through prayer, stories and visits. And church communities here in Australia tell us that they’re also enlivened by visiting communities in Tonga or having young people from the Solomon Islands worship with them in their own congregations.

Partnership is about:

  • Affirming that life can be rich and abundant, whether here in Australia, in Africa, Asia or the Pacific.
  •  Praying for each other. Just as we receive prayer requests from our partners, partnership allows us to develop relationships where our partners are also eager to pray for us.  Many of the communities we partner are strong in faith and committed to Australian congregations in prayer.
  • Visiting each other. Some partnerships at the Collaborate level allow us to visit each other, learning from different cultures and deepening friendships.
  • Partnership is about financial commitment. Many of these projects would simply not exist without your support. A regular gift to the project you’ve chosen to support, no matter how large or small, allows your partner to plan for the future, secure in the knowledge that they can continue to minister within their local community.
  • Hearing what God is doing in each others lives. Partnerships allow us to exchange news of how God is at work in each other’s communities and sharing ideas about mission and discipleship.  In many parts of the world Christian faith is growing rapidly and we have much to learn from one another.
  • Partnership is about coming to grips with the big issues facing our world: the trade in human lives, climate change, gender equality. It’s about learning from each others experience and advocating for change, using our resources and our voices responsibly.

Your commitment to these communities is what allows young women to be trained in theological colleges, children to be safe from human trafficking, single mothers to find safe accommodation and leaders to be given the skills they need to face the future. Partnership is what enables us to see and participate in God’s transforming work in the world – in Sydney and Sri Lanka, Wagga and West Papua.

Thanks for making this commitment and being part of connecting communities for life. To find out how to become an Australian Church Partner click here. To share your experiences and stories of Church Partnership click here.