These blogs help you understand our work and can be reproduced as articles for church magazines, discussion starters for bible studies or resources for sermons. More Blogs can be found by clicking here or on below topics.


Aid and Poverty
Australian Aid: the great big black hole;

Spirituality, Easter and Giving
Resurrection Matters;
Easter Saturday (more than just down-time);
Easter gives UnitingWorld’s work meaning
Bunny Hunting and Bigger Pictures

Real Peace is about justice and it starts with me

Earth Hour;
World Water Day

Climate Change

Pacific Partners after Cyclone Pam

GOAL! Water MDG met early

International Day of Families;

3 ways to give more love and less stuff this Christmas;
3 reasons to visit India with your children

Coffee will save the world


The state of South Sudan’s women
Water brings life in Papua New Guinea

Building capacity, securing hope
The woman at the well

Why education is important in the fight against child labour
Education for all: addressing challenges in India

Change your mind, change a life: who’s got a disability?
The cult of normalcy and finding genuine wholeness in Sri Lanka
Disability Inclusion: A Pilot Program

Women and Girls
Joy, Pain, Hope and Humour – Listening to the voices of I-Kiribati Women
You Go Girl! 3 reasons to ficus on the girl child

Bible Smuggles are out of business: How Christianity has taken China by storm – and why you might care
What is better: a cup of water or a bible?

Christian Leadership (including youth and women)
Of Rights and Relationships: Listening to the Wisdom of Women and the Winds of Change
“This change means everything” – why women in ministry matter in the Pacific

Ministry with the vulnerable
Human Trafficking: Rupa’s story
“We won’t take the risk…we need a school right here”
Celebrating a win for women and children in India

Big Issues – including volunteering and Uniting Church partnerships
Remove those blinkers on Indonesia!
The Asian Century
Volunteerism and a search for cultural authenticity
Experiencing India: InSolidarity update
A volunteer’s reflection on Bali

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