Peacemakers of South Sudan

The story of South Sudan’s Peacemakers is the story of God’s people bringing hope, reconciliation and forgiveness to a nation broken by war.

In December 2013, clashes between rival political factions in South Sudan triggered a civil war that degenerated into nationwide conflict. Tens of thousands died and close to one million have been displaced by the fighting. In July this year violence again broke out in Juba, resulting in the deaths of over 300 people. While the situation has deescalated, the peace is fragile, and the feeling in the country is that the situation could deteriorate again at any moment.

Thankfully, the church is leading the way for peace, justice and reconciliation. The Presbyterian Church of South Sudan a vision for peace, and has courageous leaders working to sustain it. Read a letter from the field

These Peacemakers urgently need our help. Congregations in South Sudan are unable to support their leaders – they can barely find the resources to care for the needs of their own families.  The funds we provide will enable Christian leaders to carry out their work among their people right now, and to train more leaders to increase their capacity to serve in the weeks and months ahead. Read more of South Sudan’s story

Your support will enable South Sudan’s Christian Leaders to:

  • Care for people who are deeply traumatised, bringing hope and healing
  • Teach reconciliation and forgiveness, transcending tribal differences
  • Support women in recovery from the trauma of rape and war violence
  • Train teachers and rebuild schools
  • Lead public advocacy and hold politicians to the peace process
  • Provide skills training and livelihood opportunities to help families get income

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Your gift will allow this work to continue

sscc-women-prayer-hi-res-bannerYour prayer and advocacy will give courage to God’s people in South Sudan

  • Invite a guest speaker to come and speak at your church (Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast)
    • Yai Atem, a UnitingWorld ambassador, loves to share his personal story of escaping war in South Sudan, and his passion for his people back home
    • If Yai can’t make the date, then UnitingWorld staff who have visited South Sudan and have seen the story first hand can come and share with you.
    • Contact us on 1800 998 122 or to set the date
  • Tell your church/friends about this campaign to support God’s people in South Sudan
    • 4 page slideshow – right click, save target as (ideal for church notices, please stand up and speak!)
    • 6 page slideshow – right click, save target as (ideal if you’re hosting a fundraising event)
    • Prayer for South Sudan – right click, save target as (slide, good for congregational prayer)
    • Printable Donation Slips
    • Ring us on 1800 998 122 and we will post you campaign brochures (if your church hasn’t got them already)
  • Host a Peace Gathering – Pray and Raise Funds
    • Share a Sudanese meal together with your church, family or community group and support the peacemakers of South Sudan.
    • Click here to download recipe & prayer points


Photo credit: ABC, Martin Cuddihy