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Healthy Families, Safe Communities (Kiribati)

Kiribati Woman

Kiribati has the highest levels of violence against women in the Pacific. The reality of climate change is also at the forefront of life in Kiribati, and women often bear the brunt as food and water become scarcer.

We support women to grow fresh vegetables in raised garden beds as a way to improve health, promote food security and increase family income across 16 islands. These groups will form the basis of networks to discuss collaborative solutions for challenges such as women’s health and violence in the home.


Our Impact

Over 800 people from Kiribati’s rural communities across 12 islands have received education in gardening, nutrition, child protection and family relationships. 28 women have been trained as trainers to keep up the education.

12 workshops conducted on 12 different islands, providing training in raised garden bed gardening, healthy diets, child protection and good family relationships





Kiribati Uniting Church, through Reitan Ainan Kiamnatu (Women’s Fellowship)

Program Unit

Relief & Development (Tax-Deductable)


Gender Equality