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China has the fastest growing church on earth, with three new church communities being started every day. But there is only one ordained minister per 18,000 Christians. The capacity to train and qualify ministers struggles to keep pace with growth.

We support the China Christian Council in unlocking this bottle neck. We are supporting ministers in remote and rural areas; providing scholarships for training; and facilitating opportunities for exchange of people between the UCA and China Christian Council to share knowledge and learn from one another.

Our Impact

In 2017-2018, 15 students from rural China have received ministry training. 100 lay and ordained leaders received training in preaching. 34 teachers from 20 theological colleges received professional development to enhance teaching quality for the 3,000 students under their tutelage. One PhD student received a scholarship to study in Melbourne.

More than 100 clergy and lay preachers have taken part in intensive preaching courses to help support growing rural churches.

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