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Peacebuilding and Trauma Healing (South Sudan)

South Sudan Lent Event 2017 (4)

In 2013, with underlying trauma and ethnic tensions going unaddressed,  South Sudan exploded into civil war only two years after becoming the world’s newest nation. The Presbyterian Church of South Sudan (PCOSS) recognises the importance of peacebuilding, trauma healing, and reconciliation in an effort to achieve long-lasting peace in South Sudan. UnitingWorld supports PCOSS to train ministers and lay leaders and equip them with the tools they will need to teach reconciliation and peace building skills in families and between tribal groups throughout South Sudan.

Our Impact

Since 2015, we have trained 141 ministers and lay leaders in peacebuilding and trauma healing; one group of ministers went on to train 12 other leaders in their home town.

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News from the Field

  • What does transformative partnership mean to you? February 1, 2019 UnitingWorldRev John Yor Nyker, the General Secretary of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan (PCOSS) was recently asked the question, “what does transformative partnership mean to you?” His response gave us some insight into the value that he and his church place on their international partnerships. “Transformative partnership means many things for me. It means learning ...
  • ‘We shall build peace through forgiveness’ – Churches in South Sudan July 4, 2018 UnitingWorld“We shall build peace through forgiveness and love one another. All the churches in South Sudan will pray for peace.” – South Sudanese church leaders. Our church partners in South Sudan have been running peacebuilding and trauma healing workshops inside refugee camps in neighbouring Uganda and Kenya. In the first week of June, the Presbyterian Church of ...
  • Presbyterian Church of South Sudan celebrates new leaders April 3, 2018 UnitingWorldFollowing years of violence, the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan (PCOSS) has seen a heavy loss of ministers. Many died in the conflict and others were forced to flee and seek asylum in neighbouring countries. But this Easter weekend, the PCOSS celebrated the ordination of six ministers (one of them a woman), five elders, and four ...
  • Pastors Receive Peace Mediation Training March 4, 2018 UnitingWorldYesterday, a team of 11 senior pastors in the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan left for Scotland where they will be trained in peace mediation training workshops by the Church of Scotland. The aim is to equip these senior pastors to be peace mediators in peacebuilding and trauma healing programs across South Sudan. Drawing on the ...
  • FORGIVENESS IS LIMITLESS December 15, 2017 UnitingWorldTwo weeks before Christmas, on a sweltering summer’s day in Juba, 68 lay leaders and ministers from across South Sudan gathered to talk about peace and forgiveness. Finding inspiration from Matthew 18:21-22, the workshop focused on reconciliation and trauma healing. “According to scripture, forgiveness is limitless, compulsory, and two-way. It releases our hearts from sin. ...