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Education for Remote Area Children (India)

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The foothills of the Eastern Himalayas are steep jungle-covered terrain, with families mostly eking out a subsistence livelihood. To get to school, children may have to walk up to four hours through jungle tracks. The drop out rate is very high, especially amongst girls, and contributes significantly to human trafficking.

We supported our partner church to build a small school in a remote mountain village, enabling boys and girls from neighbouring hills to access good and affordable education. We continue to support this school provide affordable education to families, training teachers and pursuing government accreditation.

We currently support 196 children between grades 5 and 11 (year 12 to be added during the second half of 2018) and provide funding for teacher training.

Our donors are helping our partners to address these various issues by building and strengthening the school and local services through their kind support.

Recent challenges faced: children continue to walk long distances to school along challenging terrain, monsoonal weather during the wet season, natural disasters including a very large landslide 150 metres from the edge of the school, a staggering remoteness, lack of access to health services and facilities, an aching poverty and potential for child trafficking due to vulnerability ( June 2018).

Our Impact

Since this project started, we have enabled 196 children from disadvantaged backgrounds to access education.

In 2017,  we supported this school to provide affordable education to 117 children and add 4 new teachers to the staff team. Each year, the school grows by one year group.





Church of North India – Diocese of Eastern Himalayas

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News from the Field

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