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Social Empowerment for Excluded Castes (India)

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Religious and caste discrimination is one of the leading causes of poverty and social exclusion in India. This has prevented access to basic services, including education, health facilities and other government services and schemes for large sections of society.

We support the local church to provide study centres for children of illiterate families, and connecting through them to empower marginalised communities, enabling them to be organised, educated and healthy, involved in local governance and capable of accessing government services and schemes.

This project is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP). Thanks to ANCP, we’re making a huge difference together; lifting families out of poverty and helping people improve their lives.

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Our Impact

1,814 children received remedial education through study centres. 2,104 women increased access to services and decision making, and almost 1,000 people were educated on how to access education, health, hygiene services provided by the government.

5,711 people have taken part in self-help groups, to become economically self-sufficient.




Church of North India – Diocese of Amritsar and Diocese of Durgapur

Program Unit

Relief & Development (Tax-Deductable). Receives Australian Government support.


Poverty Alleviation

News from the Field

  • SOCIAL EMPOWERMENT FOR EXCLUDED CASTES (INDIA) Project Update December 15, 2017 In 2015, the Community Development Programme (CDP) in Sarenga had organised a skills training seminar to train the local youth in repairing drinking water pumps. After receiving this training Marshall Tudu repaired the pumps in his village, thus, solving the drinking water crisis that the village had been facing for a long time. The happy ...