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Empowering People with Disabilities (Sri Lanka)

People with disabilities are some of the most vulnerable people in Sri Lanka. They are often excluded from society, lack access to services and find it difficult to secure employment.

We support our partner Deaf Link to provide access to education for children with disabilities and vocational training and livelihood support to people with disabilities. This enables people with disabilities, through work and study, to be accepted, equal and valued members of society.

Activities occur primarily in the North and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka.

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This project is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP). Thanks to ANCP, we’re making a huge difference together; lifting families out of poverty and helping people improve their lives.



Sri Lanka


Methodist Church of Sri Lanka (through DeafLink)


Poverty Alleviation

News from the field

  • A prayer from Sri LankaA prayer from Sri Lanka
    Rev. Samuel Gnanarajah Deaf Link, Methodist Church Sri Lanka (MCSL)   All mighty Heavenly Father, People with disabilities are one of the most marginalized and vulnerable minorities in Sri Lankan society. They are less likely to have access to education, health care facilities, economic and social status than those without disabilities. Our prayer is that the ‘self-help’ groups we’ve formed will become independent and include themselves in wider society confidently. Our prayer is always for children with special needs, for their education, livelihood and inclusion with other ...
  • Increasing School Participation for Children with DisabilitiesIncreasing School Participation for Children with Disabilities
    Education is a gateway towards a fulfilling future, equipping the next generation with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to lead a life of their choosing. But for children with disabilities, one of the most marginalised minorities in Sri Lanka, accessing an inclusive education is difficult. As a result, these children are less likely to access the healthcare facilities and schemes, and the economic opportunities and social prospects they need to both survive and thrive. Through the Australian NGO Cooperation ...
  • Reaching the most vulnerable in Sri LankaReaching the most vulnerable in Sri Lanka
    During the worst economic crisis in Sri Lanka’s history, our partners have been reaching out to help vulnerable communities. With inflation now above 50%, the cost of everyday goods like food, fuel and medicine has skyrocketed. Essential services have shut down and there have been widespread power cuts. As frustrations boil over and protests escalate, our partner, the Methodist Church Sri Lanka (MCSL), has called for people to refrain from violence and called on leaders to facilitate a swift return to ...
  • Empowering people with disabilities in Sri LankaEmpowering people with disabilities in Sri Lanka
    People with disabilities are some of the most vulnerable people in Sri Lanka. Without support, disabilities can become a huge barrier to accessing appropriate education, employment and full participation in community life. Because of this, people with disabilities are up to five times more likely to live below the poverty line. Some people never get the support they need to truly thrive. That was nearly the story for Raj, a Tamil man who grew up on Sri Lanka’s West Coast. From an ...
  • Darshi’s storyDarshi's story
    Darshi was born without hearing in an area of Sri Lanka’s west coast which was devastated by the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004. The population are mostly Tamil, and they’ve worked hard to recover and build a better life for their kids. But people with disabilities are up to five times more likely to live in poverty. They represent the most vulnerable group in the world. Darshi’s parents were understandably worried about her future. The Methodist Church of Sri Lanka, through Deaf Link, are committed to overcoming extreme poverty by advocating for ...