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Last week I had the great privilege of attending the Annual General Conference of the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga (FWC) with Uniting Church President Dr Diedre Palmer. The day we arrived in the capital Nuku'alofa we were swept up in the famous hospitality and [Read More]

Thank you. They’re the first words we learn, wherever we happen to be travelling in the world. Hello, and thank you. Sometimes, it’s all we’ve got. All we need. Our work takes us to places where we might expect only suffering and hopelessness, and yet [Read More]

UnitingWorld will be holding a series of public seminars to connect our partners with supporters in Australia. Across three events, representatives from eight of our international partner churches will discuss the unique challenges they face being the Church and addressing poverty and injustice in their [Read More]

In a report to the Uniting Church in Australia’s 15th Triennial Assembly meeting in July, UnitingWorld has highlighted the success of a collaborative, network-based approach to community development. In a sweeping review of three years, the report details the impact of UnitingWorld’s programs across an estimated [Read More]