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UnitingWorld is committed to continuous learning, and to ensuring that our activities are effective and address the most relevant issues for our partners and donors. In 2017, we established a Design, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning working group (DMEL) across our program teams, with responsibility for developing evaluation tools and reviewing all evaluation Terms of Reference.

Through regular monitoring, reporting and evaluations, we can assess progress in the communities with which we work. Qualitative and quantitative indicators measure changes in community attitudes, behaviours and circumstances. This data helps us and our partners to make decisions about the usefulness of programs and the types of activities to prioritise going forward.

We share our learnings with partners at regional workshops and within the Australian development community at conferences. We have also partnered with the Church Agencies’ Network (CAN) Performance Effectiveness group to examine evaluations for lessons in collaboration and to share learnings within the CAN network.

Below you can download some of our recent evaluation reports.

Sustainable Livelihoods and WASH - Methodist Development and Relief Agency (MeDRA), Zimbabwe

The project aims to enhance the livelihoods, opportunities and health for communities in Zimbabwe; including particularly marginalised members like women, the elderly and people living with disabilities.

Click here to download the Project Evaluation Summary (2018)

Kwaraiwa Is People-7

Evaluation of WASH Project in Papua New Guinea

Evaluation of WASH Project in Papua New Guinea