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We work for a world where lives are whole and hopeful, free from poverty and injustice.

Because every person matters.  Because every person is beloved by God and invited to enjoy the rich blessing of abundant life.

As an agency of the Uniting Church in Australia, we are a channel for connecting Australian people to God’s work in the wider world.

Our Approach

We translate rigourous sustainable community development principles through the lens of our Christian faith.

Faith is the heart language we share with our partners.

We work with and through churches, but our programs include all people regardless of their faith, sexuality, ethnicity, ability or gender.

We seek out the marginalised and the vulnerable. We listen to the voices of the poorest.

We believe in solidarity not charity.

We believe that local communities are best placed to identify the solutions to their own problems.

Our partners are the local church, helping communities unlock their God-given potential to set themselves free from poverty and injustice.

Our partners know the culture and the context. So often, they can see simple, inexpensive solutions.

We contribute our capacity as an accredited development agency to help fulfill their vision.

As we walk with our partners on this transformational journey, we help to build leadership and organisational capacity.

We ourselves are changed by the rich wisdom of our partners, their courageous actions and their tenacious faith. We offer this gift back into the life the Uniting Church.


We give generously and receive humbly, committing to long term change and growth.

We deliberately consult and collaborate, asking for and offering help, nurturing trust, loyalty and teamwork.


We are sensitive to context, mindful of power imbalance; we recognise difference and embrace diversity.

We understand and value all roles and contributions, and practice grace and courtesy in relationships.


We are ethical, accountable and open in our relationships and work practices.

We keep promises, own up to mistakes and challenge behaviour that does not align with our organisational values.


We believe the good news of Jesus means justice and hope for all, particularly for the oppressed and vulnerable.

We commit to hard work and healthy rest, caring for ourselves and each other with compassion.


We actively seek equality for all, ensuring no discrimination due to age, culture, gender, disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or social or political affiliation.

We create space for all to contribute, and open opportunities for all to grow.


We care for creation and build resources for the future.

We strive to be efficient, minimising waste of resources, time and human energy.


We collaborate for courageous and creative possibilities and solutions in everything we do.

Our Stories